This site is a compilation of MANY different areas of the pet world from financial help to food selection. This site is written by me so I don't have a HTML geek stashed in the closet takes me a while to get a chance to get stuff typed up out of my notebooks and onto here. Browse around, things will be more organized in the future.

Completely unorganized list of links

Links to Anything and Everything!
This is going to be where you find cat and dog shot info, adoption groups, and medical assistance help.

Financial Help Links This is a list of financial help groups both non-specific and breed/condition specific. Thank you anonymous Craigslister for this list.

A Rescuers Answering Machine Thinking about getting a pet? Read me first.

Hamster Derby 2009 Pictures If your computer is not equipped to deal with many picture files, load me then walk away for awhile. All pictures are a higher resolution and take a little time depending on computer speed and internet connection.

Have YOU donated your 10 pieces of kibble today by answering a quiz? Help feed a shelter pet with a click of a mouse!

Questions you might be asked, or you should ask yourself when considering a switch. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Special Cat diets for Special Need Cats

Helping Keep Cats Hydrated

General Cat Diet suggestions

List of Ingredients and definitions

Looking at Sensitive Stomach and Skin Foods Going behind scenes and looking at the ingredients.

PETCO News Site.

FDA Pet Food Recall list This has the full list of brands and specific items affected by both the wheat gluten and rice protein food recalls.

How to Read Labels(Under Construction)

Lamb and Rice diets

Answers to questions. Always adding to this list.

I do personal small animal and reptile rescue. This page has success stories, pets in progress, and those who are ready for a new forever home. I only adopt out to the Portland area.

Questions? Or do you have answers for other pet owners? Email me at

I am the caretaker of 2 cats, 2 Ball Pythons, 2 cornsnakes, 1 tarantula, 1 betta and 11 rats.